How To Restore Whatsapp Backup

Restore whatsapp backup

Certain users choose not to uninstall WhatsApp despite its expiration or are facing issues due to concerns about crucial data loss. However, WhatsApp is designed to comprehensively address every aspect to protect your data from being lost.

WhatsApp’s “Restore WhatsApp Backup” feature is a powerful feature that enables users to recover their data by hook or by crook. This functionality is available on both iPhone and Android devices. This feature restores Whatsapp backup from various sources, including Google Drive, iCloud, and local storage.


  • You can restore Whatsapp backup to a new or the same device. if you have backed up your data first.
  • To restore WhatsApp backup, make sure you have the contact number used during the account creation for the backup. 
  • WhatsApp can’t restore your data because your chat history is not stored on its server.
  • Your device’s storage space should be larger than the backed-up data.
  • Google will automatically delete backups that haven’t been updated in 5 months.
  • When you create a backup using the same Google account, the data from the previous backup will be replaced by the new backup. As a result, your previous backup data won’t be restored.

Restore Whatsapp backup from Google Drive on an Android 

If you’re switching to a new device, make sure your device is linked to the account where your WhatsApp backup is stored.

  • Reinstall WhatsApp on an Android device.
whatsapp installation
  • Open WhatsApp, tap agree, and continue, then allow WhatsApp to access your contact.
  • Then verify the country and enter your phone number. It will send you an OTP for verification. Enter your OTP number in the verification code.
verify your phone number
  • After verification, tap “restore” when prompted. Remember, don’t tap on skip; your backup will be lost.
restore backup
  • The restoration process will take a while.
backup processing
  • All backed-up data will be restored on WhatsApp.

Restore WhatsApp Backup From Local Storage on Android

You can also restore a backup from a local backup instead of Google Drive by following these steps:

  • Navigate to your device file manager and tap on the WhatsApp folder, then go to the database or SD card. You will find a backup file named “msgstore.db.”
phone storage, whatsapp option
Database option, msgstore.db.crypt
  • Copy the backup file into your new device database.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp if you have already installed it, and then reinstall and verify your number.
  • Tap on the restore option to restore the backup from local storage.

Restore WhatsApp deleted messages on Android

If you’ve deleted your messages and want to recover them, You can successfully recover all your data through this process:

  • Uninstalling WhatsApp and then reinstalling it.
uninstall whatsapp from mobile
whatsapp installation
  • When you verify your number during the setup process, it’ll show a prompt.
verify your phone number
  • Choose the “restore” option to retrieve your backup, either from Google Drive or a local backup you’ve created.
restore backup
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after the restoration process.

Restore chat history without backup on Android

Follow the instructions below to recover your messages:

Step 1: install easeus mobisarver

  • First of all, download the best data recovery tool, such as EaseUS MobiSaver from a professional website, then install it on a computer.
install Easeus mobisaver

Step 2: Connect Android with the laptop

  • Open EaseUS MobiSaver and connect your Android device to the computer.
connect mobile with laptop

The tool will scan your device and analyze the data.

Step 3: Select the folder to save recorded data

  • Select the file you wish to restore, and select a folder on the computer to save the recovered data.
select folder to store data

If you want to restore WhatsApp messages without having previously backed up your chats, you can still do so with the help of a computer and a data recovery tool such as EaseUS MobiSaver, a mini-tool, Dr. Fone, etc. for Android devices.

Restore WhatsApp Backup From iCloud On iPhone

To restore WhatsApp chats from iCloud backup, use the same phone number restoration that you used for backup:

  • Launch settings on your old iPhone.
  • Navigate to iCloud backup and choose backup now.
  • Backup will take some time, then launch settings on the new iPhone device.
  • Choose the general option, and then tap reset.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and choose the reset option from the iCloud backup.
  • Create an account on iCloud and choose a backup.
  • The backed-up data will be restored on your new device.

Restore Backup From Google Drive To iPhone

You can’t restore WhatsApp backups from Google Drive to iPhones directly, and Whatsapp can’t be restored or transferred between different operating systems. But you can indirectly do so with the assistance of a tool such as Move to iOS, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, SHAREit, Xender, etc. that transfers, backups, and restores your data from Android to iPhone or iPad.

First you need to follow these instructions

  • Use WhatsApp’s latest version on iPhones as well as on Android devices.
  • Both devices should be connected to the same internet device, or Android should be connected to the iPhone hotspot.
  • Use the phone number you used on an Android device on your iPhone.
  • There isn’t a need for a computer to transfer data.

Reset Your iPhone

Before starting the data transferring process you need to reset your iPhone device through this process:

  • Erase your iPhone data by going to settings.
iphone setting
  • Go to settings, select general, then scroll down, select the transfer or reset iPhone option and then click on erase all content on settings.
general settings
iphone reset option
erase all content
  • after erase all content on the settings click on continue and enter passcode.
erase this iphone continue option
passcode for this iphone
  • after entering the passcode on the next interface, enter the Apple ID password and next click on erase iPhone.
apple id password
erase iphone
  • wait for the iPhone to restart and then start the migration process.
restart iphone

start the data migration process

  • Download move to iOS app on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the Move to iOS app and open it. Tap on the “move data from Android” option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions; a code will display on an iPhone; and enter the code on an Android device.
  • Choose the content you wish to transfer, tap “continue,” and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Choose WhatsApp on the transfer data screen.
  • On an Android device, tap “Start” WhatsApp will take a while to prepare data for transfer.
  • When the data is prepared to be transferred, the Android device will be logged out.
  • Press “next” to move to the data-transferring app (move to iOS), and tap “continue” to migrate from Android to iPhone.
  • Data migration will take a while, and then “move to iOS” will show a prompt that the transfer is completed.
  • Install WhatsApp on iOS devices and enter the same number used on Android.
  • Tap Start and follow the on-screen prompt. WhatsApp will log in on iOS, and all your data will be transferred.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re facing issues restoring the backup on a new Android device, you can use various tools like SamFw Tool, PassFab Android Unlocker, iMyfone Lockwiper, Tenorshare 4uKey, iToolab UnlockGo, etc. These tools can help you resolve the problem and restore your backup.

No, it isn’t possible to transfer call history from the old Android device to the iPhone.

You cannot restore a WhatsApp backup using different phone numbers. The restoration process requires the use of the same phone number that was used for the WhatsApp backup.

final words

WhatsApp’s restoration feature is like turning back time digitally. This feature in WhatsApp is a remarkable solution to various issues. We don’t need to be concerned about data recovery because WhatsApp has introduced an enhanced feature that allows users to effortlessly restore both old and new data on every device.

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