How To Use Whatsapp Polls

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WhatsApp introduced a functionality where users can communicate with their audience and gather actual feedback. WhatsApp Polls provide an interactive way for businesses and brands to collect valuable information, ideas, decisions, and audience preferences.

whatsapp poll

But nowadays, WhatsApp simplifies the process with online polls, making it more convenient. you can easily collect ideas from people at a distance through online polls. it’s for the idea of collecting is not just effective; it’s a piece of cake. Explore the enhanced features and functionalities of polls with JTWhatsApp.

How to view poll details

to view the number of members who voted in the poll:

  • Launch a WhatsApp, and open the chat you want to view a poll detail.
  • Find the poll, then choose the “view poll” option.
view poll votes

How to create a WhatsApp poll on Android

You can easily create a poll on an Android by this procedure:

  • Launch a WhatsApp, and open a chat.
whatsapp chat screenshot
  • Find the paper clip icon and tap it.
paper clip icon of poll in whatsapp
  • Here, it’ll show a floating menu, tap “poll.”
polls floating menu
  • Enter your question in the question option, and enter the poll choices in the poll option.
poll's question and choice option
  • You can change the poll options order by holding and dragging “list lines” up and down.
dragging up and down poll options
  •  Now, it depends on your question, and you can create a multiple poll option (up to 12) by allowing multiple answer options.
mutiple options allowing toggle in whatsapp poll
  • Tap the send icon at the right screen bottom.
poll sending icon

How To Create WhatsApp Poll On iPhone

This functionality is also available on iPhone to collect ideas, follow these steps:

  • Launch a WhatsApp, and open a chat you wish to create a poll.
  • Tap the “+” icon at the left bottom of the screen, and choose the “poll” option.
whatsapp poll on iphone
  • Type a question in the “question” option, and enter a poll choice below the “poll question.”
  • Turn off the “allow multiple answers” if you don’t wish group participants to respond to more than one.
  • You can change the poll options order by holding and dragging a(staked lines) up and down.
  • Tap “send” in the top right corner to send the poll.

Watch the video and follow the steps to create a WhatsApp poll on your iPhone:

How to create a poll on a desktop

As you create a poll on Android and iphone, you can also create one on a desktop or window:

step: 1

Launch a WhatsApp on your browser, and open a chat. Some devices have a “paper clip icon” or “+” icon near the “typing area”, click it.

+ icon of poll on desktop
step 1

step: 2

Here will show a floating menu, choose the “poll” option.

poll option
step 2

step: 3

Create a poll, and enter a question in the “question field.” 

question and choice menu
step 3

step: 4

Enter poll choices in the option, you can change the poll position by clicking and dragging the “list lines.”

dragging option
step 4

step: 5

Click on the “arrow icon” to share.

sending icon
step 5


In the past, opinions were gathered on paper, and it was complicated to gather ideas,  As they say, “Taking a poll is like hitting the nail on the head.” but this functionality eliminates all the challenges and makes life easier. The best thing is that it can be used on any device without any restrictions. Whether you’re using Android, tablet, computer, or Macbook, you can take advantage of this wonderful functionality.

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