Whatsapp Chat Lock With Secret Code

whatsapp chat lock with secret code

Whatsapp, a constant innovator, introduced the “chat lock” feature in May 2023, It aims to enhance user experience and to reinforce your chat’s security. This feature plays the role of a lock and key to your privacy. The stranger won’t be able to access hidden chats; it will require your password, fingerprint, or face ID to open.  

Earlier, you could lock chat with a phone home screen password. The WhatsApp owner had tried to discover a more protected custom lock than the phone password. With this feature, you can lock chats to protect them from unauthorized persons through fingerprints, passcodes, and face IDs.

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Overview of chat lock

  • When you lock a chats it will automatically separate from the regular chats list.
  • The locked chats folder doesn’t appear on WhatsApp reviews unless you swipe down to reveal it. 
  •  blocked chat notifications will not be visible on the home screen; they will be hidden. Instead, you’ll see a notification, “1 new message.”
  • Blocked Chat media won’t be saved in the phone gallery
  • Turn off the chat lock if you want to save media files in your phone gallery.
  • blocked contact calls will appear on the screen despite being blocked
  • In the linked devices, the blocked contact won’t be blocked. If you lock a chat on the phone, it will not be blocked on your linked device. 
  • When using the backup and restore feature in WhatsApp, locked chats will stay locked on a new phone. To access them, set up the device’s authentication (fingerprint or Face ID)
  • When you disable or enable the chat lock, the chat owner won’t be able to see it.
  • When you lock archived chats, you have to unarchive them first.
  •  If you’re locking a chat it will ask for authentication if you have not set it up before, navigate the biometric setting to get started on an Android or Apple device.

How To Turn On Chat Lock On Android And iOS

This feature is only available on Android and iPhone, it’s easy to lock chats, but you must have the latest WhatsApp version installed on your device.

  • Open the chat if you wish to lock it.
  • Tap on the profile picture of that chat at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the “i” icon to open the chat info setting.
  • If you have the feature, you will see the chat lock option on the contact info menu.
  • Tap on chat lock; it will show “Keep this chat locked and hidden.” Tap continue.
  • After continuing, you will shift to the next preview; the chat will not be locked on the linked devices; top on OK.
  • Confirm your fingerprint or whatever authentication your device supports.
  • Tap View to see that the chat is now locked.
screenshot  of "i" icon in chat lock
Step: 1
screenshot of chat lock setting
Step: 2
chat lock option
Step: 3
chat lock toggle on/off
Step: 4

Create Secret Code

Once you enable chat lock, you can lock your chat with a secret code distinct from your phone’s PIN or passcode. But this feature is only available on some devices.

There is a step-by-step guidance to creating secret code:

  • Navigate to the blocked chat folder and tap on settings.
  • Press the secret code and create a unique code.
  • Once you create code, tap on next.
  • Conform code and tap done.

You can disable or change the code by returning the above setting.

Hide Locked Chats Folder

To hide the block chats folder and prevent it from displaying in your chat list, open the folder, tap on settings, and turn on the “hide blocked chats’ option.

View Blocked Chats

To access your blocked chats, swipe down your chat overview and tap on the blocked chats folder.

  • Swipe down the chats tab and tap blocked chats.
  • If you’ve concealed the locked chats folder, enter the secret code in the search bar and tap “locked chats.”
  • Open via face ID or fingerprint to access the folder.

How To Turn Off Chat Lock On Android And ios

Disable chat lock on Android and iOS in a few steps:

  • Scroll down the chat list to see the locked folder.
  • Tap on it and confirm the passcode or fingerprint.
  • You will see a locked chat list.
  • Visit the contact info or group info of any chat, it will show that the chat lock is on.
  • Tap on that option and confirm your fingerprint or password to unlock it.

final words

This feature is incredible for privacy, allowing you to hide and secure private conversations from snooping individuals. By enabling this feature, your conversations and chat notifications remain hidden. Locked chats are inaccessible to anyone, essentially putting a digital seal on the secrecy of your data.

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