JT WhatsApp APK 2024 Latest Version 10.1 (Anti-Ban)

During the webinar, I used to receive numerous chats, but I couldn’t reply to them. they grievances to me, you don’t reply and sometimes used to block me. so I thought, would there be a WhatsApp, to solve my issue, that replies to them automatically?

I started researching and found a jtWhatsApp with a lot of features. and one of the best features was autoreply the “remedy for my wound”. It made my life a piece of cake by replying to them automatically without my involvement.

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JT WhatsApp review

What's the need for unofficial WhatsApp in the presence of official WhatsApp? it's a focusing point! Official WhatsApp has limited conveniences, it's inadequate without ultra-modern features. so, Jem techs developed a new modified  WhatsApp with plenty of incredible features that were missing in regular WhatsApp.

I present to you the best thing; you'll be amazed to know its features. It includes an app lock (to secure your data), a status downloader, airplane mode, chat translator,(auto-reply), and many more. Now the ball is in your court: to download or not." 

infographic of JTWhatsapp

JT WhatsApp APK review 

 It's a third-party app, identified as JtWhatsApp+ jiMODS due to the inventor Jimtechs.   Its “unofficial WhatsApp" doesn't exist on the Play Store. Don't sit on the fence, I would highly endorse you to download WhatsApp Plus and explore its amazing features.

First, you have to download the mod APK file(named WhatsApp APK) and then install it. It's an antivirus and bug-free app, so don’t be hesitant that it would disturb your device performance.

 Features of JTWhatsApp

conversations screen

Bubble and tick

Make your conversation background more attractive with a bubble and tick style. and enable or disable the double-tap reaction of the bubble.

Action bar

You can hide the contact name, profile picture, and status.


Set pictures of yourself and the participants, along with group and contact chats, to make it interesting.

Universal settings

Restore and backup

you can backup and restore all your data including images, files, documents, and chats while installing or updating a new version.

Style (look and feel)

The advanced thing is font style, which you can set to your preference, including variant animated emojis and launcher icons.


you can change the colors of text, background, and status bar according to your will.

security and privacy

how can call you

No one will be able to call you without your consent (block chat).

hide or show blue tick

You can hide and show the blue tick of replying.

hide status view

You can hide your “viewed” from the status owner.

forwarded tag

The "forwarded" tag wouldn’t be visible to the receiver when you are forwarding a message to someone..

hide last seen

You can hide your 'Last Seen' if you don't want someone to see it." 

anti-view once

you will be able to see the “anti-view once” chat.

Promoted features of  JTWhatsApp

  • Dark and white theme
  • Security customization setting
  • Privacy customization setting 
  • Multi-account support 
  • Layout and color customization
  • Use Avatar in profile image 
  • Message scheduler 
  • Message unsaved number
  • you can see the deleted status 
  • Contact privacy setting 
  • Instagram story-like status 
  • Hide new message FAB 
  • iPhone style interface
  • Transparent wallpaper
  • New broadcasting
  • Starred messages
  • Hide typing status
  • See who blocking me
  • Hide voice status
  • Anti revoke message
  • Message forwarding option
  • Notification setting
  • Edit messages after posting
  • View story toast 
  • No root required                            
  • Share media up to 1G
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Individual group tab
  • Forward limit to 250
  • Pin others messages
  • Get a notification when someone sees your account
  • Share videos and photos in maximum quality 
  • disable/ unable status under the name 
  • Enhance status characters/ length/ duration
  • Mass/ quantity message sender(send the same message to different contacts at a time )
  • Use multiple WhatsApp on the same device with different accounts 
  •  Animated emojis
  • App and chat lock

Updates of JTWhatsApp's latest version

In this latest update, the app is markedly improved in each aspect

  • Added “message a number” 
  • Added “user interface design” feature
  • Addressed the proximity sensor setting 
  • Addressed the temporarily banned issue
  • Enhanced anti-ban security system 
  • Addressed the voice issue  
  • Addressed  “view once” bug
  • Addressed the “all view message” problem in the group
  • Addressed restore and backup issue
  • Addressed  App crashes on some devices 
  • Add “hide view status” feature
  • Received pin messages from others 
  • ios style interface 
  • Addressed themes downloading issue 
  • Added ios emojis 

How to download and install JT WhatsApp?

Downloading process

It's very easy to download WhatsApp JTon Android:

  • First, enable “unknown sources” on your mobile if you’re downloading for the first time.
  • Next, select the download button.
  • The APK file downloading will take a while.
installation process of JT Whatsapp

Installation process

  • After downloading, search for the APK file in the device (file manager).

  • Open the file, and then press the "install" button, and then allow (which shows on your screen)
  • Add your number, and it will send you an OTP through text, then enter the OTP in the coding space.
  • The app will install all the features simultaneously.
the process of enabling unknown source in android| JT Whatsapp

JTwhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp

JTWhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Hide online status can’t hide online status
Messages can be editedMessages can’t be edited 
Received pin messages Can’t receive pin messages 
Hide typing Never hide typing 
5 mins video status duration 30 seconds video status duration
archive chatCan’t archive chat
Hide last seen Never hide last seen
Has a custom call blockerNo Custom call blocker 
Status character length (max 255)Status character length (max 139)
Fully customization No customization

advantages and drawbacks of JTWA


  • It's free of ads.
  • It provides all the pro features for free.
  • It offers an extensive range of customization options.
  • can Copy part of the message.
  • Fully anonymous.
  • Read deleted messages.


  • It's a third-party modified app(unofficial app).
  • It deprives of official updates.
  • It’s perfectly not secure.
  • Backup not possible.
  • Risk of account ban.

problems and solutions

How to link JT WhatsApp with PC 

WhatsApp can BE easily linked to a PC. 

  • pen the WhatsApp web on your PC,  it will show you to scan the QR code or enter your mobile number.
  • But QR scanning is easy to connect.
  • Then open the QR scanning camera on the mobile .
  • Scan the code on the PC.
  • It will automatically connect to mobile WhatsApp.

How to Restore Data in  JTWhatsApp         

  • First, explore the universal setting and tap on the backup option if using the old version of the mod APK. And in official WhatsApp tap on the backup and restore option in settings. 
  • Download the JTWA app; it may take a while.
  • After downloading, install the JTWA APK file from the device (file manager)
  • When it’s installed, create an account.
  • Explore the universal setting again, and tap on the “backup and restore” option
  • Restore all your data from here.

 Temporarily banned account

If you’re faced with a temporary account ban, you can easily resolve it in a few steps.

  • First, backup all your data including chats, images, files, etc 
  • Then uninstall the banned account app and download the latest version again with the anti-ban feature.
  • Install the APK file and restore all your backup data 

 You can easily resolve it by this process.

 issues in installation 

Two issues could affect app installation: weak internet connection and APK file. First and foremost, you have to provide a reliable internet connection.  If the problem persists, you may have downloaded a cheap APK file, and delete it. Download another APK file, and try again, I'm sure it'll install successfully.

Free up storage space

If you have a lot of unnecessary data in WhatsApp, it can impact the device's performance. Explore the "manage" option in the "data and storage" section of settings. there will be a list of all data. You can clear the redundant and unnecessary data from here for the best performance and space.  

frequently asked questions

It’s a type of modified WhatsApp with many features that aren't in official WhatsApp such as autoreply, DND mode, chat lock, and more.

Yes, android KitKat can install this WhatsApp, because it's a 4.4 version, below the KitKat can’t download.

Yes, it has anti-virus update software and detects malware in the app, and it doesn’t allow viruses in the application.

surely, it can be easily downloaded for free of cost.

Indeed, It's a positive feature of this version, it can be used along with the official  WhatsApp, on the same number on the same device.


It's an incredibly useful WhatsApp, right as rain. It has all the features that are missed in the original. We can take more benefit from their features. it's a very lightweight app that doesn’t overload our device. It enhances our message experience and makes our chatting joyful.