TMWhatsapp APK  Latest Version 8.71 (Anti-Ban)

The message sender often complains that you’ve seen the message but haven’t replied. However, it’s our habit not to reply to everyone. TMWhatsApp resolves this issue by allowing users to view messages without displaying the blue tick so that people won’t complain about unresponsiveness.

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Version 8.71

What’s tMWhatsApp?

TMWhatsApp is a modified version with numerous features. Due to limitations in the official WhatsApp application, Titus Mukisa modified the app and added essential features that were missing in the original version. TM is derived from the developer’s name, Titus Mukisa. However, JTWhatsApp APK and MBWhatsApp are the best alternatives to this app.

App nameTMWhatsApp
File size83MB
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top features

TMWA APK comprehensively covers all necessary features, offering the whole nine yards, such as an inbuilt VPN, an app translator, the ability to send empty chats, and Auto-reply.

Additionally, it also offers enhanced privacy features like hiding last seen, anti-delete messages, and app and chat locks. Moreover, this WhatsApp grants control over customization like themes and icons.

TMWhatsapp message schedular

Schedule messages

It’s highly useful for users who want to send messages at specific times, such as reminders or birthday wishes. Message scheduling enhances user communication by automatically sending messages at the right time,  even if you’re offline.

VPN proxy

inbuilt VPN

The built-in VPN helps you break restriction barriers. If you’re restricted by a server or country in some aspects, you can address it through the VPN without needing a third-party VPN. It enhances privacy and encrypts your data to change your location

App Translator

App Translator

It’s a highly useful feature that allows you to translate any language into your preferred language within the app, enabling communication with multilingual individuals without any language barriers. This feature enhances your ability to communicate effectively across the globe.

Disable forwarded tag

Disable Forwarded tag

In official WhatsApp, when you forward a message to someone, the forwarded tag is displayed at the top of the message, indicating that it has been forwarded. However, in this app forwarded messages won’t display the forwarded tag.

unlimited group members

 Unlimited group members

It’s a useful feature for those managing online platforms with thousands of members. In official WhatsApp, group membership is limited to 512 members. With this app, you can add thousands of members to a group without any restrictions.

whatsapp lock

App Lock

App lock will completely lock your entire app so that no one can access your chats. You can set up locks with a fingerprint, pin, and pattern. In case you forget your password, no worries can be recovered by a security question.


The auto-reply is a highly useful feature for busy users. When a message is received, the app automatically responds to the message according to pre-written text, at a specific time and date..


flight mode

Without disabling the internet connection, prevent your messages from coming in by enabling flight mode. Only WhatsApp messages will be restricted, not your entire internet connection.

Aerplane mode

Profile view toast

When someone views your profile, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen, showing that your profile information has been viewed. The notification automatically disappears after 4 seconds.

profile view toast

Anti-deleted messages

If someone sends you messages and then deletes them suddenly, you can’t see the deleted messages in official WhatsApp. However, in this app, you will still be able to view the deleted messages.

Anti-deleted messages

Hide media from the gallery

If you’re receiving sensitive media through WhatsApp and you don’t want it to be stored in your device’s storage, you can easily prevent it. This app offers a privacy feature to hide your media from the gallery.

Hide media from gallery

Show blue tick after reply

It allows users to view messages without displaying a blue tick. The blue tick will appear when you reply to them. However, your seen message will remain unseen until you reply to them.

show blue tick after reply

extra features

  • Share up to 100 documents at a time
  • Enhance status video length up to 1 hour
  • You can change the app and notification icon shape and color
  • Message a number whithout saving it in contacts
  • Create multiple groups on the same app 
  • gives customization control over the entire app
  • You’ll get a small notification toast  when someone changes their Profile pic
  • You can block someone from calling you by adjusting the  ‘who can call me’ settings.
  • Facility of DND (Don’t disturb) mode
  • Send audios up to 100MB
  • Customize the conversation screen for an attractive user interface
  • you can view messages multiple times despite tagging “view once”
  • Ability to freeze your last seen
  • The ability to send empty chat
  • you’ll be notified when someone tries to block you
  • Get notified when someone views your status through the ‘status view toast’ feature
  • Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device
  • You can hide your private contacts from the chat list 
  • The facility to Delete sent messages even after a few days
  • Download several themes with different bubbles and tick styles
  • The last seen and online status pop-up of the contact will be displayed on the chat screen.
  • This app displays, how many messages each participant has sent in a group
  • there are two locks the one is chat lock and the another is converstion lock.
  • voice changer also available
  • give reaction to message via double tapping.
  • Attractive themes for individual conversation
  •  It enhanced the audio size limit up to 100MB, which is 84MB larger than the original WhatsApp.
  • Similarly, it also enhanced the video-sending limit up to 50 MB instead of the original WhatsApp 16MB

How to Download and Install TMWhatsApp

Here’s a step-by-step guide to download and install the app:

  • Download the TMWA APK from a trustworthy website.
  • If you are downloading it for the first time, you must enable unknown sources.
  • To enable unknown sources, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and toggle on the option.
  • Then install the downloaded “TMWhatsApp APK file” from your device’s file manager.
  • The installation process may take some time.
  • Once installed, launch WhatsApp create an account, and enjoy the app.

installation process through screenshots

TMWhatsApp VS Official WhatsApp




Profile view toast

tick icon
cross icon

DND Mode

tick icon
cross icon

Message Scheduling

tick icon
cross icon

Remove forward tag

tick icon
cross icon


tick icon
cross icon

Anti-delete messages

tick icon
cross icon

Status Downloader

tick icon
cross icon

Anti-Delete Status

tick icon
cross icon

Customized Theme

iOS theme

Normal theme

Media Sharing   



Status Character Length



Frequently asked questins

It’s a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It’s developed by a third-party developer, Titus Mukisa. It offers amazing features that are not found in the original one, such as numerous themes, app locks, chat locks, anti-revoke messages, auto-reply, disable forwarded tags, and many more.

No, this app isn’t available on Google Play Store. Because it’s a third-party modified app, you can install it from any trustworthy website.

Yes, if you already have a backup of your original WhatsApp data then you can transfer the data. When you install TMWhatsApp and create an account, the app will prompt you to start an in-built chat migration during the setup process. Simply allow and confirm the process, and your data will be transferred.

yes, you can use this whatsapp across multiple devices wiht one contact number.

The app is specifically designed for Android devices and does not support iOS. However, it can be used on a PC with the help of an emulator which provides an Android environment.

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This is one of the best mod versions of the original app, as right as rain and enriched with useful features. However, the most useful feature for me is the “blue tick after the reply”. Additionally, it has a lot of features such as auto-reply, anti-delete messages, sending empty chat, DND Mode, built-in VPN, and many more. It doesn’t overload or affect the device’s performance and can support lower-version devices.