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MBWhatsApp APK Latest Version 1.1 for Android

Who blocked me? Can I find out? Yes, you are eligible to know who blocked you.

MBWhatsApp unveils the secret layer of blocking. No one will be able to hiddenly block you.
This is an iOS-themed WhatsApp developed by MBMods’s Stefano YG.

Rating 4.3+

iOS Theme

Dual Accounts


This app is one of the best-modified free versions of the original App. It’s the unraveller of secrets, allowing users to find out who has blocked them. This app features iOS-themed appearances, resembling iPhone WhatsApp.

MBWA iOS offers numerous amazing features, including the ability to use  2 accounts simultaneously on the same device, ads-free experience, auto-reply functionality, privacy, and security enhancement, hide last seen status, and download statuses without using third-party software.

Additionally, it allows installation alongside other WhatsApp’s presence on your device without requiring uninstallation.

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Stefano YG

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What’s MB WhatsApp?

MBWA, designed by Stefano YG, is a modified version of WhatsApp aimed at enhancing the messaging experience. Its goal is to provide a better user interface by adding all the useful features that were missing in the original WhatsApp Messenger.

This app offers conveniences similar to JTWhatsApp, including auto-reply, privacy enhancements, and various other amazing features. Additionally, Stefano YG developed WhatsApp iPhone for Android, introducing a conversational interface for engaging chats.

What’s MB Whatsapp iOS MOD APK?

This app has been modified to provide amazing functionality for users. You’ll experience the magic of this when you install the MB iOS APK file, which changes the interface of your Android WhatsApp to resemble an iOS app. You’ll feel like you’re using an iPhone, which is a major advantage of this app, bringing the pleasure of using an iPhone device to your Android.

Sophisticated Features

MB iOS themes/UI

The main goal of this app is to provide an iOS-like interface to Android users. It offers numerous themes, including dark and white themes, as well as iOS emojis and stickers. Additionally, it allows the installation of third-party themes.

Use Dual Accounts

A notable limitation of the official app is its lack of dual account support. This app resolves that limitation by allowing the use of dual accounts simultaneously on the same device. You can smoothly use it alongside the official WhatsApp or Fouad iOS.

Create custom stickers

This app lets users create stickers according to their preferences, a feature not found in many other apps. It adds a fun aspect to chatting, allowing you to customize stickers to match your conversation’s tone.

Who blocked you?

Are you Curious about who blocked you? This app makes it easy to find out the list of blockers. Simply navigate to settings, then MB preferences, to uncover the person who blocked you from chatting with them.


Airplane Mode

Many users don’t want to appear online to others on WhatsApp while using the internet. To address this concern, MB WhatsApp has introduced the ‘Airplane Mode’ feature, allowing you to appear offline even while using the internet. This means that you will neither receive nor send messages while in this mode. It’s just like flying under the radar.

privacy Features

Who can call you?

This app hands out full control over privacy. You can select a few contacts or everyone whom you prefer not to receive calls from. 

Freeze last seen

Freezing your last seen status is very useful; no one will be able to see your online status or when you were last online.

Anti-once once

You can view view-once messages thoroughly, even after they have been tagged as view-once.

Disable forwarded tag

The forwarded tag won’t appear to the receiver when you forward messages to someone.

Hide blue tick

You can hide the blue tick when you read a message, the sender won’t know whether you’ve read it or not.

Hide typing/recording status…

When you are typing a message or recording a voice the receiver won’t be able to see your typing or recording status. 


Action bar

In this application, You can disappear contact name, profile image, and status from your chat interface.


To make your conversation screen more interesting, it allows you to set your picture of yourself and the participants in both group and contact chats.

Bubble and tick

This app allows you to customize your conversation screen to make it more attractive by selecting your preferred bubble and tick styles. Additionally, you can enable or disable the double-tap reaction for chat bubbles.


Now you don’t need a third-party app lock to secure your app from strangers to read your messages. Because it has its own app lock. You can lock your WhatsApp by fingerprint, PIN, or password.




If you forget the passcode, you’ll be able to recover your password by answering a recovery question.

Additional features

  • There are mods to disable the proximity sensor and turn off speaker/earpiece switching during playback.
  • This app has anti-ban functionality, which is also found in Fouad iOS. For better security, remember to update your app regularly.
  • Mb WhatsApp doesn’t support Google Drive, so it requires manual backup daily.
  • You can hide your WhatsApp media including videos, GIFs, audio, and photos from the default gallery.
  • Hide chat is another secret option to hide your specific chat by long pressing and tapping on the menu and then on the “hide the chat” option. You can set a password by using a method like pin/pattern/fingerprint.
  • You can optimize the hide chat notification to enable or disable it. To show the notification for the status bar or not by tapping on the gear icon located on the hidden chats page.
  • You will receive a direct notification when someone is typing a message to you, reading your sent messages, watching your status, or changing their profile image.
  • While taking screenshots, you can hide contact or group information by simply pressing and holding the contact or group icon, preventing its details from displaying in the screenshot.
  • You’ll be able to view the deleted statuses of others, and you can turn this option on or off based on your preferences.
  • The status owner won’t know that you’ve seen their status; it’ll secretly hide your view status from them.
  • “Hide second tick” is a very handy feature that prevents the sender from knowing whether you have received their message or not.
  • Through this app, you can choose to hide the blue tick to prevent the sender from knowing when you have read their messages.
  • Once you’ve received messages,  the sender won’t be able to delete them from your account.
  • You can customize your home screen with options for the header, tabs, row colors, icons, status, and calls.

How to download and install MBWhatsApp?

The Downloading and installation process for this app is as easy as with other apps. Follow the instructions below to download and install without any difficulties:

Downloading process

  • If you’re downloading an APK file for the first time, enable the “unknown sources” option on your device.
  • Click the download button to download the APK file on your device.
  • The downloading process may take some time.
installation process of JT Whatsapp

Installation process

  • Find the APK file in your device’s file manager to install it.
  • Open the APK file and then click the “install” button.
  • Enter your number to create an account, you’ll receive a verification code then enter that code to verify your account.
  • The app will be installed with all its features.
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How to Download and install the app with full instructions

MBWhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp


  • Share media up to 1GB
  • Max status character length Up to 225
  • Statuses can be downloaded
  • Disable forwarded tag
  • Ios screen appearing theme available 
  • Document sharing at once 
  • More privacy options
  • When someone blocks you it’ll notify you.

Official WhatsApp

  • Share media up to 15 MB
  • Max status character length up to 139
  • Statuses can’t be downloaded
  • Can disable forwarded tag
  • Normal theme
  • Document sharing not at once
  • Fewer privacy options
  • It doesn’t notify you when someone is blocking you.

How to update the MBWhatsApp

You can easily update this app using the following method:

  • Backup your data before uninstalling the current version. You can learn how to do it here.
  • Uninstall/delete the current version of the app.
  • Download the updated version of the MBWA APK file from a trustworthy website.
  • Install the recently downloaded APK file from your device’s file manager.
  • Once the installation process is completed, launch WhatsApp and follow the on-screen instructions.

Temporarily Banned account issue

What Makes it different from other MODs

  • MBWA provides a sticker manager plugin, to create your stickers. 
  • This app offers a themes plugin to install amazing themes, for enhancing the messaging experience.
  • The utmost privacy thing is this, to prevent others from taking screenshots and screen recording while you’re on video call or sharing your screen with them.
  • You can customize the size of emojis and can add other details to enhance your app experience.
  • When someone blocks you, it’ll notify you even if you have turned off the notification.

frequently asked questions

This is a modified app, also known as MBWhatsapp iOS. It introduces all the features that were missed in the official WhatsApp. It offers a WhatsApp screen style resembling iOS.

Yes, you can use MBWhatsApp alongside other apps on the same device without any clashes.

No, there is no risk of being banned if you have installed the latest version of MBWhatsApp. 

Yes, Lollipop Android 5.0 and above can use this app without any conflicts. Lower versions can’t run the app

Yes, it’s completely ad-free and doesn’t display any advertisements. 


The most important and reliable thing is that it doesn’t display ads to disturb users while using it. All features are included in this single app. Additionally, it prioritizes privacy features like chat and app lock and prohibits others from taking screenshots or recording during screen sharing or video calls. Furthermore, it can run on lower-version devices and can also be used on PCs.