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Most people want to see messages but not reply to them, even though it is difficult to manage in official WhatsApp. Because it shows the blue ticks to the message sender that your message has been seen. The message sender then complains about why you not responding to me.

However,  JTWhatsapp resolved the problem by the “show blue ticks after reply” feature. The blue ticks will appear when a recipient replies to them, not just on viewing the chat. It’s a positive feature of this app for receipts that don’t want to display blue ticks on message viewing.

We discussed the easy steps to show a blue ticks after a reply. And the same process will be applied on JTWA for PC, TM WhatsApp and MB WhatsApp.

What’s blue ticks?

1: Official WhatsApp chat ticks scenarios

When a single tick appears on the message, it means your message has been sent.  When a double ticks appears, it indicates the recipient is online but hasn’t viewed the message. If the blue ticks is displayed, it means the recipient has seen your message.

2: Modified WhatsApp ticks scenarios

In modified WhatsApp, when you send a message and the recipient sees it, the blue ticks doesn’t display if they’ve toggled on the blue ticks option.

procedure to show/ hide blue ticks

Hiding the blue ticks on a modded app is highly easy. Follow the instructions below to enable the “show the blue ticks after reply” option:

This feature is available in the latest version; make sure you’re using the latest version of jt WhatsApp.

  • Launch the JT WhatsApp app and click on the top-right menu. 
  • select the “JiMODs” option, then click on the “privacy and lock” option.
  • Scroll down and find the “show blue ticks after reply” option. 
  • Toggle this option on; it’ll hide your blue ticks even if you view their message.
JTWhatsApp top right menu
Step: 1
Step: 2
privacy and lock option
Step: 3
show blue ticks after reply option
Step: 4

pros and cons of this feature


  • The recipient may choose to ignore the messages.
  • The feature applies to the entire app rather than a contact.
  • The sender doesn’t know whether the recipient has seen the message or not.


  • Users can view messages without worrying about quick responses.
  • When you want to show ticks, just disable the option.
  • View messages without notifying the sender.

frequently asked questions

Yes, the same feature of hiding the blue ticks is available to all modded like MB WhatsApp and TM Whatsapp.

No,  it isn’t possible to hide the blue ticks for just one contact. This option will apply to the entire app or all contacts.

You should follow the instructions provided above to enable the option. Disabling it is just like this.

No, the contacts won’t know that you’ve turned on/ off this feature.

When a message has been viewed, the blue ticks is displayed. By enabling the option, the blue ticks isn’t displayed, even if you don’t reply to them.


JTWhatsApp is a treasure trove of features. Features from around the world are available in this one app. Just as the ability to hide the blue ticks is incredible, all the features are impressive in their own right. Some advanced features might be lacking in older versions of JTWhatsApp, so you should use the latest version of the app for the most updated features. for more productive articles explore the page.

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