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My friend had a shoe shop, and his business gradually suffered customer attrition. Because more people turned to online shopping, online platforms reduced customer foot traffic at his shop. So, I suggested the idea of JT Whatsapp Business Plus.

Now he manages millions of clients online, without the negotiation and haggling that he had encountered physically. Now he can’t fulfil the product demands of their clients. and his medium business converted into a brand. Right now, he is a millionaire with this one-click, free, downloadable app.

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Jt Whatsapp business+ MODs review

jtWhatsapp Business is a modified version of the official WhatsApp Business,  modified by jiMODS inventor of JTWhatsapp. And accumulate or compute numerous features to enhance the business experience and functionality. The developers of JTWA Business+ APK cleared out limitations, increased the size to 63MB, and enhanced customer online engagement.

It’s widely utilized for online business growth; it can be connected with Facebook and Instagram to run advertising, and you can get direct traffic from here by putting a QR scanning code or link.

JTWABusiness+ Amazing Features Inside!

Messaging tools

This app gives users the facilities of quick replies, away messages, greeting messages, and contact labels to manage the business easily and take care of customers.

Business tools

After account creation, you will enter the business name, business category, profiles, and working hours. When customers see your profile, they will be attracted to your products.


WhatsApp Business is all about your business; it provides you with a catalog to showcase your product’s story or images with description and location information.

Opinion Polls and Voting

You can gather reviews from your customers about your products and give evidence to a new customer about your products.

Broadcast messaging

You can easily send the same message to several people simultaneously by broadcasting. You may add approximately 256 numbers to the broadcasting group.

Contact labelling

It’s another amazing feature that you will label those contacts that will be in pending payment, paid, etc. with a different label that you will easily recognize.

Additional features

  • GIFs integrate automatically with messages according to emotions.
  • Capability of story downloading.
  • send messages to anyone without saving their numbers.
  • capability to read deleted messages, it prefers your deleted data.
  • Interface customization
  • You can advertise your business on Facebook.
  • JTWhatsApp business accounts can be linked with Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can land customers on your WhatsApp by QR code or by sharing links on Facebook or Instagram.
  • It prevents your account from being banned.
  • You can control the linked devices.
  • It inhibits story deletion.
  • You can repost the story or status.
  • Can share the screen during a video call.
  • Issues or bugs can be fixed in the app through the reset privacy option.
  • It offers an exclusive private communication channel.
  • It sends an automatic message when you’re busy or offline.
  • During conversation, the incoming or missed call will appear.

JT WhatsApp vs official WhatsApp

Whatsapp business plus 

  • Confidential communications
  • Can message to unsaved numbers
  • Capability to download stories
  • Inhibits messages and stories deletion

Official Whatsapp Business

  • Not available this facility 
  • Can’t messages to unsaved numbers
  • Not capable
  • It doesn’t inhibit

Unleashed Updates of JT WhatsApp business plus!

  • Resolved logging issue in JTWABusiness+
  • Resolved crashes during conversations
  • Videos of up to 16MB can be sent
  • Resolved status downloading issue
  • Resolved issues with malware detection in antivirus software
  • And improved with more functionality and enhancement

Advantages and Limitations Of JT Whatsapp Business


  • Can download stories from your contacts.
  • You’ll receive updates and alerts of new features.
  • Can be edited poting chats after up to 15 mins.
  • Can be locked chats no one would access these chats.
  • The button for downloading statuses and the mark as seen button are now available in three-dot menu options.


  • it’s dispossessed of official updates.
  • It’s perfectly not secure.
  • Backup is not possible.
  • Risk of account banned. 
  • This is a third-party modified app that doesn’t exist on the Google Play Store 

why should choose JTWA Business Plus?

This app should be utilized to boost your business. because the app gives extra business-helpful features that the official WhatsApp doesn’t offer. You will steal your competitor’s thunder in the market and get more customers.

How to download and instal JTWA Business

It’s very easy to download this app on Android:

  • If you’re downloading for the first time, enable the “unknown source” on your device.
Allow unknow source to download JT Whatsapp business
  • Then download the APK file. It may take a moment.
  • After downloading, the installation process will start.
  •  search for the APK file in the device (file manager).
file manager
  • Install the APK file, and allow access to contact and photo.
  • Select your country and enter your contact number, and it will send you a verification code through text, enter the code.
verify your contact number
verification code
  • Enter your business name, select your business category and profile image.
business profile, catagory and name
  • Set a business cover and all information about the business such as business hours, email, location, and more.
  • Boost up your business with this amazing app.


No, you can’t use the same contact number in WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business Plus, because your personal account will convert into a business account.

Yes, we can use JTWA business for personal and business communication.

Yes, you can message an unknown or unsaved number, this app offers the facility to message unsaved numbers while the official whatsapp business doesn’t.

This app has the convenience of locking your sensitive conversation that no one can read or access. It’s very crucial for privacy protection.

This app provides an editing feature and allows users to edit your posted message.


It’s specially designed for business improvement. The additional modified features will help your business hit the ground running, and get more success.

It allows you to stay connected with your customers and share new products on time. And can gather reviews from customers that are highly crucial for business trustworthiness and new customers’ confidence.

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