How To Change JTWhatsApp Themes 2024

jtwhatsapp themes

Why do people like APKs? It’s due to their creativity. JT WhatsApp gives users full control of the app to customize it according to their preferences. It offers 4032 JTwhatsApp themes, from which users can change designs, bubble and font colours and styles.

This app allows users to download, load, and save themes from other third-party sources. Additionally, it also offers dark and white mode as well. Due to its vast offering, it emerges as unique among other apps. It fulfils the concept that one size does not fit all.

Instructions to change the JTWhatsApp themes

A step-by-step guide to changing the jtwhatsapp themes:

  • Launce JTWA and click on the top right menu icon.
  • Next, click on the “JiMODs” option.
  • Find the “JThemes” option and tap on it. there will be options to “download JThemes”, “load theme”,  “dark and light mode” and “reset preferences”.
JTWhatsApp top right menu
jtheme all options

1: Download  JTheme

  • If you want to download a theme then tap on the “download theme” option and install a theme of your preference.
  • It may take some time to apply to your app.
Downlaod JTheme
JTWhatsApp Themes

2: Load theme

  • If you already have themes saved in your device storage and want to apply them, choose the “load theme” option.
load theme option

3: Dark and light mode

  • If you only want to change the color mode of the screen. tap on the “dark and light mode” option and change it.
light and dark mode

4: Reset preferences

  • The “reset preferences” option helps users reset their original app layout if they’ve already changed it to a different theme.
reset preferences

pros of theme-changing

  • User can adjust their app interface to their mood
  • The typing area and the header bar are changed theme-to-theme.
  • The icon, chat bubble styles, and full look of their app can change with the vast variety of themes.
  • The font style, color, and size can be changed with themes, along with the tick style, color, and size.
  • Psychologically it impacts the user positively, to give control over their app layout, Without any restriction.

Cons of theme-changing

  • It may cause security risks due to installation from third-party resources.
  • Your app performance can be affected because of contains malware or other malicious software.
  • It may cause glitches or errors in the app due to incompatibility with certain app versions.
  • Users can be confused about choosing the perfect theme in 4032 themes for their messaging experience.
  • The complex designs of themes can affect the battery performance and may increase battery usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you download a theme from a third-party app, it may contain malware and can affect the performance of the app.

No, The chat data isn’t deleted with the changing of the theme. It only changes the layout/interface of the app and doesn’t intervene in chat data storage. It’s good practice to back up the potential data while changing the theme.

No, installing JTheme is very easy. Follow the instructions discussed above to install. However, it may take some time to apply within the app.

Yes, the installation and changing process of themes is similar in other MODs like TMWhatsApp and MBWhatsApp. Simply follow the procedure provided above.


Whatsapp JT is a highly customizable app that provides control over every aspect of the app. You can’t only change the theme but also customize icons, font colors and styles, chat bubbles, ticks, header bars, typing fields and everything else within the app. Users can think outside the box with a variety of themes. Due to its incredible features, it’s popular among other MODs and makes it different from other MODs.

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