How To Transfer Data From Original WhatsApp To JTWhatsApp

transfer whatsapp data

Most people lose their data while switching to another WhatsApp due to unawareness of the data transfer process. Data can be transferred from one app to another. WhatsApp is one of the best and most facilitative apps that provides opportunities for various tasks.

It’s easy to transfer data from official WhatsApp to JTWhatsApp. Don’t worry about your chat history, including pictures, videos, documents, chats, and many more. Everything will be safely transferred by following the instructions below. Transferring data is just like a piece of cake.

Before shifting to JTWhatsApp, you need to backup your official WhatsApp chats. Now, the question can arise; What is WhatsApp backup and how do you take WhatsApp backup? Learn about it by clicking here.

steps to Transfer WhatsApp data to jTWhatsApp

After taking a backup, now here are step-by-step instructions to shift to the new JTWA app:

  1. Download and install JTWhatsApp.
  2. If you already have the old version installed, update the app.
  3. Launch JTWhatsApp and click on the “restore backup” option.
  4. Once your data is restored, create your account by entering your contact number.
  5. You’ll receive an OTP code, enter it to verify your number.
  6. Then follow the on-screen instructions and allow access to content and media.
  7. Your documents, videos, pictures, and all chats will be available here.

JTWhatsApp VS Official WhatsApp

JTWhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
see the deleted statusCan’t see the deleted status
It has a Voice changer No voice changer
Flight mode capabilityNo flight mode
Hide typing statusNever hide typing status 
5 mins video status duration 30 seconds video status duration
Message unsaved numberCan’t message to unsaved number
Show blue tick after replyNo capability
Has a custom call blocker abilityNo Custom call blocker ability
It offers 4032 JthemesIt doesn’t offer
It offers full customization optionsNo customization option

frequently asked questions

No, there is no need for a third-party app to transfer data from one WhatsApp to another. Simply follow the steps provided above to start the transfer process.

Yes, a backup is necessary for transferring data because it stores or copies your chat history, including pictures, documents, chats etc. Without a backup, you won’t be able to transfer your data between two accounts.

No, once you back up your data, it’ll remain safe. Simply restore your backup whenever you need to access your important data.


Whatsapp Backup is used to store or copy your data. Whenever you need your data, simply restore it. There are no hard and fast rules or need for third-party resources to restore or transfer data. It’s an effortless and straightforward task.

You should use the latest version of the JTWhatsApp app because the old version of JTWA may have some limitations while the latest version may offer additional features.

JTWhatsApp is one of the best MOD apps. There are numerous alternatives to JTWA, but it’s at the top due to its additional features.

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