How to Backup WhatsApp

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If your device is lost or stolen, don’t worry, your data is secure. You can easily restore all your data on a new device via backup WhatsApp. If you’re switching to a new device or concerned about data loss, you can create a WhatsApp chat history backup on Android and iPhone using your Google account.

The backup process is automatic and stores your data either on Google Drive (for Android users) or iCloud (for iOS users). WhatsApp allows users to back up their data automatically or manually.

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Some extra information

  • phone number and Google account will be required for WhatsApp backup which was used for WhatsApp account creation.
  • for the initial backup to the Google account using a strong internet connection, it may take a while.
  • your data will not be end-to-end encrypted during the backup process. unless you activate your end-to-end encrypted option.
  • if you are using OS 9 or earlier you may have trouble backing up data. data will be available in the WhatsApp database on your phone.


Before starting the backup, ensure you have all:

  • First of all, you should have free space on your device for backup.
  • Also, you should have free space on your Google account.
  • You should have a stable internet connection for backup.
  • A Google account must be activated on the device you use.
  • Google Play services must be installed on your devices.

how to backup WhatsApp via Google Drive

If you’re using the Android operating system, follow these steps to back up your data on a smartphone:

  • Launch WhatsApp, and tap on the menu at the top right.
menu in whatsapp
  • Go to “settings” and select “chat.”
setting option in how to backup whatsapp
chat option in whatsapp
  • Select a “chat backup” and before taking a backup must do the following setup.
chat backup
  • Select your Google account for storage and tap on backup to start the backup process.
choose google account
mune of google accounts
  • Select a backup frequency in which you want backups to occur (daily, weekly, monthly, or manually).
frequency option
select frequency option
  • You can use “chat history” instead of “chat backup”, and can “export a chat” and choose a chat you wish.
transfer chats and chat history

Backup Through iCloud (For ios Users)

If you’re using ios, and want to backup whatsapp data, follow the following steps:

  • Launch whatsapp on your iPhone device.
  • Go to settings, and tap on “chats.“
  • Select “chat backup”, then tap on “create backup now.” 
  • All data will be backed up in iCloud just like Android.
whatsapp backup process in ios

Manual Backup (Android And iOS)

You can backup data manually, instead of automatically, whether you’re an Android or iOS user. follow these steps:

  • Launch whatsapp and navigate to “settings.”
  • Select the “chats” option and then choose “chat backup.”
  • Tap on the “backup now” option to create a manual backup of your data.

Frequently asked questions

The chat backup can be found in the whatsapp directory on your Android device, whether it’s on the SD card, USB, or in the internal storage with the name “msgstore”.

Whatsapp provides a backup option to cloud services like Google Drive (Android) and iCloud(iOS), but it doesn’t have a backup feature for desktops.

WhatsApp backups on Android are indeed counted as part of Google’s 15GB storage limit. However, the iCloud storage limit for WhatsApp backups on iOS devices is indeed 5GB.


The WhatsApp backup feature is a crucial functionality within the application, backing up all messages, videos, photos, and files. With enough storage capacity, it securely backs up vast amounts of data, offering users confidence in the safety and recoverability of their crucial whatsapp data. It’s like strategically safeguarding valuable cards, this feature acts as a protective shield, ensuring resilience against potential data loss or mishaps.

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