How To Edit Whatsapp Messages In All Devices

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I used to make numerous typos, they didn’t convey accurate information. To correct these errors, I used to type the entire story again. When I used to focus on mistakes, ultimately it took time; it was a significant challenge that I had suffered.

However, WhatsApp introduced an amazing feature called “edit Whatsapp messages” is a real game changer. I was thrilled when I heard about it because it provided a solution to a critical issue I had been facing. Now, thanks to this feature, it’s turning a new leaf for whatsapp users. But JTWhatsApp lets you edit messages like a pro, making your chats smart and perfect!

It’s the best feature, used for editing sent messages, correcting mistakes, adding something, and expiring within 15 minutes. This feature is for iOS, Android, Mac, desktop, and web users.


Requirement for message editing

First and foremost, it’s important to figure out the issues that affect the functionality of message editing. By resolving hindrances affecting this feature, we make its functionality smooth. Understanding the framework within which the editing process operates is essential for creating an effortless user experience.”

  • Make sure to install an updated version of WhatsApp on your devices, such as the iPhone, Android, Windows, desktop, or Mac. In the old version, this feature doesn’t exist.
  • It’s also necessary to have the updated WhatsApp version with the recipient.
  • Message editing is possible within 15 minutes of sending a message, and then the edit option will disappear.
  • The utmost security thing is that the editing is only possible on the devices from which you have sent the message and can’t be edited by your other device. (If you have sent a message by Android, editing is only possible by Android, not by desktop or others.)

How to edit WhatsApp messages on Android

The Editing process is straightforward, and it’s crucial to meet the discussed requirement:

  • Open chats on your Android phone.
  • Long-press on a message you want to edit.
  • Tap on the right corner menu.
  • Tap on the “edit” option.
  • Correct any typos, and then tap on the checkmark button to send.
  • The message will be displayed with an “Edited” label underneath.
edit option
correct typos
edited label

Whatsapp prioritizes privacy and keeps secure and private your edited data as your usual data with end-to-end encryption.

How To Edit Whatsapp Messages On ios

Editing on an iPhone is just as uncomplicated as on Android, but it needs the latest version of whatsapp:

  • Launch whatsapp on ios, and open a chat you want to edit
  • Press the message until the pop-up menu displays.
  • Tap on the “edit” option from the pop-up menu.
  • Fix the typos and then send them again.
edit whatsapp messages in ios

How to edit WhatsApp messages on the desktop

Now, you can edit messages on the web app, recently the company announced the beta phase on whatsapp web:

  • Launch whatsapp web on desktop, and open the chat containing a message you want to edit.
  • Inside the chat bubble, click on the “down arrowhead” symbol.
  • Choose the edit option.
edit option on pc
  • Type the new message, and click on the checkmark button to confirm your edits.
edit messages on whatsapp

How to edit WhatsApp messages on macOS

If you are using whatsapp on a MacBook, follow the following procedures:

  • Open whatsapp on your MacBook.
  • Right-click or control-click on a message, and it’ll show the floating menu.
how to edit messages on mac
  • Click on edit and fix the typos.
how to edit messages on mac
  • Hit the blue checkmark bubble to send.
  • The message has been edited.

limitation of editing messages on macOS

This feature is introduced for macOS Ventura 13 or later, to entertain the feature fully, both the sender(using Mac) and recipients(using macOS Ventura 13 or newer or iOS 16 or newer) must have a compatible operating system.  

If a recipient doesn’t have the mentioned operating system, the edited message will resend with the same text in the message, with the “edited” label. 

If the recipient uses a different operating system rather than the specified one, they will receive multiple messages with the edits applied, rather than a single edit message with the “edited” label.

Limitation of WhatsApp’s feature

  • Can’t edit messages in the whatsapp community announcement group, but while can be in personal and group chats.
  • Can’t show the edited message history.
  • Can edit messages within the time limit(15 minutes) multiple times,  but can’t bulk edit several messages at once.
  • The original message won’t show after editing.
  • The quoted message will remain the same, this feature is not for quoted messages.
  • The attachments such as photos, videos, GIFs, captions, and more can’t be edited.
  • If you want to erase everything in editing, it’s impossible to send an empty message, it will remain the same, you should add at least one character.

Alternative to this feature

If the time limit of this feature has expired, Whatsapp gives another flexible feature to delete the message from everyone within a timeframe(48 hours) and then send the correct message.

This app is renowned worldwide, the crucial part of advanced communication. Whatsapp brought new features over time. One remarkable feature that abroad users experience is the capability to edit posted typos, allowing users to re-correct their messages even after sent.

Whatsapp is highly flexible towards features such as sending typos, making voice and video calls, sharing media, and more. This platform is famous for its end-to-end encryption and is keeping data private and secure.

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