Use One Whatsapp Across Multiple Devices

use one whatsapp across multiple devices

WhatsApp Unlock unparalleled flexibility with the ability to use one WhatsApp across multiple devices. Yet, this app was to be used on a single device to a single whatsapp account. but now it can be used on multiple devices with a single whatsapp account, and it’s breaking new ground.

Whatsapp is the gold standard app in the world, it has more than 2 billion users. And it’s ranked in 3rd position globally. WhatsApp is used worldwide, but it’s massively used in Asia, Europe, and South Africa. Its popularity is due to its exclusive features, such as end-to-end encryption, video and audio calls, ease of usage, and many more.

How does Whatsapp support multi-device?

Users can link up to 5 devices with one WhatsApp account, including smartphones, tablets, computers, or Windows. All devices will be maintained with end-to-end encryption and synchronization and will receive all notifications. The primary devices would have the ability to connect to and remove linked devices.

Install whatsapp

  • Android users download the updated app from the Google Play Store or the APK file directly from the website, and iOS users download it from the Apple Store.
  • If you have already installed it, click on update to download a new version of the app.
  • Select language and click on continue.
  • They will ask you to input your phone number.
  • Ignore the on-screen prompt, tap on the 3 dots, and link to an existing account.
  • The app will show a QR code.

Learn how to upgrade WhatsApp to the most recent version by watching the video below:

Link whatsapp across multiple devices

Now, link the secondary device with the primary one:

Step: 1

  • Open WhatsApp on your primary device. Tap on the menu and tap on linked devices.
whatsapp menu
link devices option on whatsapp

Step: 2

  • Scan the QR code on the secondary device.
QR code to link devices, Whatsapp Across Multiple Devices

Step: 3

  • You can link by contact number instead of scanning.
link device through number

Step: 4

  • Enter your phone number in the secondary device. It will send you a confirmation prompt to your primary device, tap on confirm.
enter your number in secondary device
are you trying to link a device.

Step: 5

  • Enter the code in your primary device which is shown on your secondary device.
enter password in your primary device
confirmation code on secondary device
  • Your WhatsApp account will be accessible on a secondary device.
  • Secondary devices will start synchronizing all data from the primary device.

Enjoy conversation from multi-devices

Enjoy WhatsApp across multiple devices simultaneously with companion mode. The secondary device will get the facilities that the primary device has. It will be able to send and receive messages, videos, and images. And will also note and receive voice and video calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is an internet connection issue, providing stable internet would resolve it; if not, restart your devices.

4 devices could be linked with the primary device because, on the same account, 5 devices can be run.

Some older devices couldn’t meet the minimum requirement for WhatsApp linking if they met the WhatsApp functionality requirement. Then you can link easily.

Yes, WhatsApp can be used on multiple devices with the same account through  companion mode.

Absolutely, Primary devices have the ability to add or delete secondary devices through their preferences.


“This update is a game-changer, allowing the linking of multiple devices to the same WhatsApp account. Users can now use WhatsApp simultaneously across smartphones, Windows PCs, iOS devices, macOS, iPads, and many more. This app locks down data and keeps it private and secure.

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